School Workshops

The Salad Project provides workshops and training to schools on how to create and establish a school’s vegetable garden, food education, how to garden for biodiversity, along with nature walks and talks for all levels. All workshops, walks and talks are designed with links to the current primary level curriculum.


School Gardens

The Salad Project can facilitate various workshop and training options with regards school gardens, including the following;

  1. Half or full day interactive workshops with pupils

  2. After school training/advice on how to maintain a garden for staff

  3. Year round schools visits providing advice and guidance (3-4 visits per school year)

The Salad Project can provide help and guidance on the establishing a school garden, including;

  • Choosing a garden location and design

  • Seed sowing and aftercare

  • Basics of crop rotation

  • Pests and diseases

Food Education is an important aspect of The Salad Project. Workshops are also provided on where our food comes from, it’s links to our landscape and ecosystems.


Biodiversity at School

As an Ecologist, I can provide consultation and guidance on how best to enhance biodiversity and wildlife within the schools grounds. This is a services which would be beneficial for schools working towards or maintaining their Green Schools Biodiversity Flag.

Help and advice can be given on developing and designing biodiversity projects including biodiversity audits and habitat mapping of the school grounds.

See link for greater details of the Green Schools Biodiversity Theme:


Nature Walks and Talks

Nature walks and talks can be provided for within the school grounds. All activities are interactive and adaptable to weather conditions.

Topics can be tailored to the school’s interest, some examples include;

  • Tree Identification

  • Wildflower Identification

  • Pollinator Workshops (Bumblebees & Butterflies)

  • Exploring our Ecosystems